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ScientistZ is a place to find real world practical knowledge specific to Azure Cloud, AI and BlockChain. It features comprehensive series on Azure Development, Infrastructure, networking and much more!
It also presents solutions to real life issues in different technologies such as SharePoint, MVC, etc.

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Azure API Management

The first question we get in our mind is, why to use Azure API management, what benefits it would give us, and why should we use it.
Azure API Management provide us the ability to create API gateway and developer portal, which is scalable, secure and can work with any host or API and it gives us insights of our APIs as well. The one thing most of us API developers struggle is, how to better manage on boarding process, documentation and provide easiest integration experience to our API’s end users /consumers/developers. This is the part, where Azure API management shines, it give us developer portal to manage the subscription of the services and provides a first-class developer experience. We will discuss all the functionality that Azure API Management provides and how to get most of it.

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Getting Started With Azure

Start by creating your own scalable blog using WordPress and Configure Azure Services to work with your WordPress Installation

If you don’t have Azure Subscription Already then you can start for free with 200$ free credit to use in Azure

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