Is it the Right Time to Be Blockchain Developer?

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Is it the Right Time to Be Blockchain Developer?

Word Blockchain, heard so many times these days, It is said to be revolutionizing the industry in the same way as 30 years ago Internet revolutionized the industries and everything suddenly begin to be digitized and this process is still going on, let us build some perspective before answering our question Is it the Right Time to Be Blockchain Developer?

Industry and Blockchain Skills

Blockchain as a skill is in huge demand in the industry today, reason is very simple one, there are less People with Blockchain skills than there is the demand in the industry and that is why Blockchain developers are high compensated and are in huge demand. Next question comes to our mind is why is that, there are so many technologies comes and go but there is no shortage of technology specific skill like ever other then if the technology is very very new, the answer to this question is rather not so simple. Blockchain is evolving, there is need to learn new skills with each new implementation of Blockchain, technology is impacting every corner of our businesses and society and there is no standard or governing body, every body is open to its own implementation and that is why we have so many implementation laying around. Well this is not the only reason.Some countries embrace the technology with open arms while other remain spectacle.

To sum it up, Blockchain was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and it became so important to our industries over a short time that there is much more demand than the supply and not much Universities as offering education in Blockchain, and if some of them are offering, it needs to be updated to the industries latest trends, first you heard about bitcoin (an application of blockchain), then ethereum, ripple and list goes on and on, every company brings its own innovation to the table as the time pass.

We will get back to the Blockchain concepts in our next posts, in meanwhile lets first see which industries have much potential to harness the Blockchain technology, we will discuss some of these in great detail in our upcoming posts.

  • Personal Identification

This could protect your privacy and access to your personalized data.

  • Medicine

This could save lives by eliminating medical errors and duplicate history.

  • Finance

This could enable us send money anywhere in the world without intermediate layers such as banks. Blockchain’s first use case was this one.

  • Supply Chain Management

This could help us keep track of items, right from manufacturing to end user.

  • Government

This could help Governments to be more transparent, such as in Election.

Since this technology will revolutionize our society in every corner of life, it is up time for us to start learning and become a blockchain developer.

Check out the following video from Udacity about Why Blockchain:

For those of you, who still does not really get what is blockchain and want a simplest answer, then see next section otherwise skip it and go to Blockchain Developer Salary heading.

Now to our most asked question, what is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a growing list of records called blocks, which are linked using cryptography, each block have a cryptohash of previous block, a timestamp and transaction data. (wikipedia)

Well if it is too much techie for you, then see below simple one:

“Blockchain is secure, shared and verifiable list of transaction records”. Muhammad Zaheer Nazir

Well this simple definition is of my own making, I will explain BlockChain in more detail in our upcoming posts. Now back to our main point of interest, we will see salary and job posting next.

Blockchain Developer Salary

Every market compensate differently, for example you can earn up to $130K in US market. Take a look at below chart Published on Hackernoon:

BlockChain Salary Chart

Also take a look on Job posting at LinkedIn for US only in 2017.



It is up time to become blockchain developer, the demand is all time high, take advantage and jump to blockchain train.

P.S. You could find me at Udacity for blockchain developer nanodegree program.

I am not affiliated to udacity in any way other then being a student.

Sources: WikiPedia, hackernoon





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