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Getting Azure Subscription, Creating App Service Plan and WordPress Web Service using My SQL In App: Part 1

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Are you looking to create your very own Scalable optimized WordPress Site/blog using Azure MySQL, Azure Storage and Azure CDN, then this post series is for you?

I have divided the series into below parts:

  1. Getting Azure Subscription, Creating App Service Plan and WordPress Web Service using My SQL In App
  2. Connecting Word Press website with and Installing and configuring Jet Pack
  3. Creating Azure Database for MySQL and exporting the Data from My SQL In App to Azure Database for MySQL Server, Handling Security
  4. Creating Azure Storage Account and configuring WordPress to use Azure Storage to store media files and Optimizing with persistent connection
  5. Configuring Custom domain, SSL Certificates.
  6. Configuring Azure CDN, configuring back up scheduling in azure and Auto Scaling
  7. How to use REDIS CACHE with WORDPRESS on Azure
  8. How to install application insights in WordPress on Azure

1. Getting Azure Subscription, Creating App Service Plan and WordPress Web Service using My SQL In App

If you don’t have Azure Subscription Already then you can start for free with 200$ free credit to use in Azure

Create Your Azure Free Account Today

1 Create Your Azure Free Account Today

It requires you to have valid credit card information to proceed, please make sure to add valid phone number as it will send you the code to confirm your identity.

Please see following video if you need help in sign up process

If you already have azure subscription then clicking on Start free will not do any good, and you will be greeted with below screen:

Looks like you already have a subscription

2 Looks like you already have a subscription

Once you complete your sign up process, go to azure portal

Your landing page will look something like below:

Azure Portal

3 Azure Portal

Now we are moving to create our very own WordPress website

Go to New
type WordPress hit enter

Search WordPress

4 Search WordPress

Choose WordPress by WordPress

Choose WordPress

5 Choose WordPress

Now click on create in next window

Create WordPress

6 Create WordPress

Now before choosing the name of the site we need to create a new App Service Plan, it is like a container for your applications, App Service Plan is what makes your WordPress Scalable, some App Service Plan let you scale automatically and others have manual option if you need more than one instance of your WordPress Site now make sure to choose the Location of the App Service Plan, which is near to you in my Case it is West Europe

Create App Service Plan

7 Create App Service Plan

Now after setting up the location, click on “Pricing tier”

Choose Pricing tier

8 Choose Pricing tier

Microsoft Recommends to choose at minimum S1 for any Production site, we are choosing S1, however you have option to create the site in free or shared environment as well

Choose Standard Edition

9 Choose Standard Edition

Now click “Select” and click “okay” button to select the app service plan, enter the website name, and remember this name should be globally unique across all domain

Enter WordPress site name

10 Enter WordPress site name

Now this is time to choose our database provider, click on drop down arrow and select MySQL in App for now as Database Provider, it will use your WordPress site server resources to install local MySQL instance and use it for your WordPress Site.

Do not worry we will move this MySQL in App database to Azure Database for MySQL later on in this series

Choose MySQL Provider

11 Choose MySQL Provider

Choose MySQL in App

12 Choose MySQL in App

Once you click “Create” a Deployment job will be submitted to Azure, it can take few minutes to complete.

Deployment in progress

13 Deployment in progress

Once completed click on “Go to resources”

Deployment is succeeded

14 Deployment is succeeded

You can also choose click on “All resources” and then “wordpresssite1” in your case it will be the name of the site you entered earlier.

Go to resource

15 Go to resource

It will show below Screen, click on the URL and browse the site

Browse the WordPress site

16 Browse the WordPress site

Now after some loading, below screen will be shown, choose preferred language and click continue

Choose preferred language In WordPress

17 Choose preferred language In WordPress

Now fill out the foam, please make sure to put a valid email address and make sure to back up the credentials because you will use these to login to the site and click “Install WordPress”

Enter Credentials for WordPress

18 Enter Credentials for WordPress

After Installation is finished, login to the portal with the credentials used in installation screen, your screen should look like below

 WordPress Site is created on Azure

19 WordPress Site is created on Azure

Congratulations! Your site is up and running, upcoming next is how to connect it with and install Jet Pack.

Connecting Word Press website with and Installing and configuring Jet Pack