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Solved: No agent found in pool Default which satisfies the specified demands: JAVA in Azure DevOps Server


Although if you search the internet or official documentation you will not find anything about this.

The solution is pretty simple, you need to download the Latest JDK and install it on your build server/Azure Build Agent server

then go to Collection Settings ->Agent Pools-> Select your agent and add User CAPABILITIES as shown in the picture below:

Azure DevOps Server, CICD, VSTS

TF401219: The team project collection cannot be detached because its version ID is different than the ID for the configuration database. The collection has the following version: Dev12.M53. The Azure DevOps Server is at the following version: Dev17.M153.5.


  1. Delete Collection Database using SQL Management Studio.
  2. Now Run below command to delete the collection using TFSConfig Utility:
tfsconfig collection /delete /collectionName:MyCollection

You may need to add Environment Path Variable to TFSConfig tool location usually it is located at: C:\Program Files\Azure DevOps Server 2019\Tools

Now go to your OLD TFS installation and run below command to Detach the Database:

TFSConfig collection /detach /collectionName:MyProject

Take backup, move the database to new TFS SQL Server and re-attach the Project collection either by GUI or through command.

Best of luck.